Security Scams

Nationwide, the locksmith industry is attracting thousands of scam artists. Several are here in San Diego. They prey on individuals that need service quickly. They end up charging hundreds more than what is quoted. Most are not licensed nor have any locksmith training.

Prepare yourself before you are desperate for a locksmith: program into your phone a locksmith company you trust. Any reputable locksmith will have a business card. Let the locksmith know upon arrival you will require them to give you a business card that matches the name on the ad you just called. Using multiple names and phony addresses is a common scam. If there’s a problem, the scammers will have multiple excuses why they are not responsible.

Avoid costly bills and headaches by keeping our phone number handy: (858) 459-1225.   Servicing San Diego County, 92106.

Commercial Locks & Security Systems
If you are a business or commercial account, make sure the locksmith you select is properly licensed and insured. If a locksmith has a “helper” the helper must be on their payroll and covered by workers’ compensation insurance or must provide you, the customer, documentation they have the proper license and insurance that you require. Allowing a service technician on your property to do work without this information is a liability for the owner.

Check our Workers’ Compensation Insurance information and State Contractor License number: 740521

Check our Locksmith License at the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services License: LCO 862